It depends… if your biking MAD 7 and a half year old who races and has ridden half of the trail centres in the UK wants to attend an 8-11 session. That will be fine.

However if your 7 year old cycles once a year, they may struggle to keep up with the session and will have a better experience if they can wait for a year.

If you are in any doubt, get in touch via the “contact us” section.

Gloves and riding glasses are advised, but ultimately down to personal preference/parental judgement.

Helmets to be worn during the session, to fit well and be in suitable condition.

All equipment is provided, however if you have your own climbing shoes, harness, helmet and chalk bag you are welcome to use it as long as they are in suitable condition.

You will normally receive an email 48 hours before the event notifying you of any cancellation or postponement. In case of any cancellation we can offer either a full refund or transfer onto another course at a later date.

aged 8-11, able to confidently ride a bike from a park to a dedicated trail centre. Must be able to cycle well and comfortably roll off a curb sized obstacle.

Junior Novice
Aged 11-15, able to cycle comfortably on easy bridleways and parks, upto getting around a trail centre red route.

Junior Advanced
Aged-11-15, able to ride most trail centre red routes or above in the UK (not just LUBP), Able to perform wheel lifts to get over obstacles, ride steeper terrain and have a higher level of control over the bike. For those looking to progress on jumps, steep trails and highly technical trails.

We do differentiate within a session, so even though you may be in a “novice” session you could be in the top half of the session working on slightly more advanced techniques and trails.

Biking: No unless specified otherwise.

Climbing: Yes a guardian is required to accompany, although its up to you as to how close you want to accompany, you could be at the base taking photos, have a picnic around the corner or read a book in line of sight.

Treks and Runs: No unless otherwise specified.

A specific junior mountain bike, which your child could ride for upto 3 hours in hilly terrain.
The brakes must work well
Suspension isn’t required (frog/isla bikes)
Knobbly mountain bike tyres are essential.
The gears must operate and be suitable to the childs ability, can they ride up a steep grassy slope if required?
Handlebar end plugs must be fitted.
Pedals: whilst plastic pedals will be ok initially, please consider buying some mid-range pedals with metal pins, they will improve grip through the pedals and greatly improve your experience.

Junior Advanced.

A higher quality specific mountain bike, typically £350+.
Look for things like air suspension, hydraulic disk breaks, double walled rims, quality gears, quality pedals.

You may be able to find a good quality second hand bike, but please ensure it is in a serviceable condition before attending.

Yes we can! Please get in touch via the “contact us” button.

Yes this is fine, but please let one of our team know beforehand.