Junior Climbing Discovery, Almscliffe

Junior Climbing Discovery, Almscliffe

Event Date:

25 August 2024

Event Time:

10:30 am

Event Location:

Almscliffe Crag parking

Are you ready for an exciting rock climbing adventure? Look no further than the Climbing Discovery event at Almscliffe! This event is perfect for young adventurers aged 8-16 who want to experience the rush of bouldering, abseiling, and climbing at one of the best venues in Yorkshire. With safety as our top priority, we’ll cover a variety of different climbing styles, from easy angled slab climbs to steeper routes and interesting features on rock.

Confidence-Building Activities: Before we start climbing, we’ll have confidence-building activities on boulders and small rocks to help develop your movement on gritstone and build your skills. These activities are designed to boost confidence, making you feel more comfortable and prepared for the climbing challenges ahead.

Climbing Styles: During the event, we’ll cover a variety of different climbing styles. Whether you’re a beginner or have some climbing experience, we’ll have something for everyone. Our instructors will guide you through easy angled slab climbs, steeper routes, and interesting features on rock, giving you the opportunity to challenge yourself and reach new heights.

Equipment Provided: All the necessary equipment for the event is provided, but we do ask that you let us know your child’s body/waist size and shoe size in advance. This ensures that we can provide you with the right size equipment, making the experience more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.

Parent/Guardian Accompaniment: Parents or guardians are required to be on hand to accompany during the event. This is a great opportunity for you to support your child, take photos, and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Wharfe valley. With your encouragement and guidance, your child will be able to tackle new challenges and experience the thrill of rock climbing in a safe and supportive environment.

At Almscliffe Crag, Crag Ln, LS17 0ER. However, please note that if the weather doesn’t cooperate, we may need to postpone the event at 48 hours’ notice, offering you the choice of a refund or a postponement.

Join us for the Climbing Discovery event at Almscliffe Crag and experience the thrill of bouldering, abseiling, and climbing at one of the finest crags in Yorkshire. With our confidence-building activities, variety of climbing styles, in safety, you’re sure to have a memorable and exhilarating experience.

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  • Almscliffe Crag parking
  • Crag Lane
  • Leeds
  • LS17 0ER
  • United Kingdom

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  • 25 August 2024 10:30 am   -   1:30 pm
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